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States legalizing pot vs a SD shoot scenario

Maybe this should be in Legal and Civil Rights ,but I put it here because this is where topics like handloads vs SD are discussed,with the court as context.

1)I really do not care what you do in your personal life

2)This is NOT a thread to discuss the topic of pot,what "should be",whats fair,etc.

3) The intent of this post:Awareness so people can make good choices .Colorado and Washington State have voted pot legal at the state level.The Fed controlled substance status(illegal) has not changed.

We have discussed,in other threads,Med Pot card vs "I am not an unlawful user of or addicted to marijuana or any other controlled substance" on the form 4473,and also the State legalization and the form 4473,.

These have been well covered in "Law and Civil Rights"

Here is the new angle to consider.

Suppose a person smoked pot 3 days ago and had to take a random drug test,or applied for a job that required a drug test.They would come up positive and fail.

Now suppose a person had a workplace accident or a traffic accident and had to take a drug test,and showed positive.They were not stoned,had not smoked pot that day,but pot evidence lingers,they show positive.Sometimes what actually happened in the incident matters less than testing positive.Your fault or not,you get fired.

So,now consider this,you are the old guy in the You-Tube video at the internet cafe when the gunmen came in .You are the guy who pulls his .380 and punches some holes in them.

You are not stoned,but two days ago you smoked pot.You are drug tested.

A self defense homicide is a homicide.The DA does not have to prove you killed the guy.That is a given.The burden of proof is on the shooter,to prove self defense.A positive drug test will not help you.

So,pot legal state or not,be careful how you make your choices.
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