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I made a comment earlier in this thread about the people wrongly arrested getting their records cleared on post 216.
Now, the people of Illinois that have been wrongly arrested and weapons confiscated need to file suits on the state and towns for getting their records cleaned up, their firearms replaced at city and state cost, et al!
Their arrests can be expunged in the cases of otherwise honest citizens.
I was asked what I based it on. Today, Annie Dookhan made news in Boston by tampering with evidence. She isn't the first to do this,, but things happen.
I believe otherwise honest citizens arrested under the unconstitutionally of Ill. law can and should seek restitution. Too many restrictive states and cities love building arrest stats and guns removed from the streets by getting citizens on technicalities such as stepping outside the house with a firearm to go to the range but doing it 'wrongly', or whatever instead of arresting criminal. imho, of course.
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