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Well, you can loook at my screen name and determine which side I fall on. In the Navy I started out with Garands and moved to M14s. Then, in the '90s, when the FAL parts kits started falling out of trees, I started dabbling in FALs. I fell in love. There are pros and cons for each rifle, but for me, the ergonomics, ease of maintenance, and toughness of the FAL make it the hands down winner. These days, if I were to seriously consider a new 308 rifle, I would look long and hard at an AR10 clone, probably the RR, becuase I have a truckload of FAL magazines, but there is a reason that every other army in the free world besides the US went with the FAL back in the '50s.

I might add - I do own an M1A. But it is pretty much a safe queen.

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