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The shooter fired 8 rounds and killed three and wounded five. All of the victims were moving
From that highschool shooting referenced..

This from a .22 ruger.

I'm new in the market for a CCW gun and I was just thinking if I had been at that mall with a gun, would I have stopped this crazy?

It also made me think that along with the advice of others on a CCW, the biggest you can carry the better. Something that could respond to a man size target from 30-50 yards.
If I was in the right spot (or wrong) and had my gun, I would first take cover and then see if I could stop him. I am not the type to run away unless of course I had my kids with me.

So many variables.

Didn't they say 10,000 people at the mall and no one aside from an unarmed vendor on the main floor who followed the shooter but of course too late for the two who were shot and killed.
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