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If you wanna stretch your dollar and get a rifle for your money's worth, build your own. You can build a 3,000 dollar rifle for about 1500. Check out this vid, it's what I used as a guide. Don't have to follow it step by step, but it's a great starting point. Also, it helps stretch the payments over small periods of time rather than just blowing a grand at once. Once my rifle is done I will have spent 900 bucks. Hope this helps =]
I watched the video and he made some good points while others were weak. Anyway as you know you can bring in an excellent BCM build cheaper. (I see you're doing the same with your build.) My BCM build came in around $1000 by going with a 16" pencil profile midlength with a screw on A2 flash hider, CTR stock on the BCM receiver extension kit and a Daniel Defense LPK (a good milspec trigger is fine with me). I did go with the BCM BCG and Gunfighter charging handle. My stripped lower was $100 but I bought it locally, avoiding the transfer fee that he forgot to include, along with all his shipping costs. The extra $500 or so of upgrades he put in to his build appeal to him but in no way increase the reliability of the rifle.

Anyway, lots of ways to put together an AR but using quality parts is wise. Same goes with a factory build.
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