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New rifles are manufactured in an industrial setting (oily, dusty setting), packaged in new corrugated (dusty), cased together with 4 other rifles in a larger box, carried around a warehouse by forklifts, loaded on trucks and bounced over the road, then unloaded at a distributor's warehouse where the larger boxes are broken down to individual boxes, shelved, then shipped to wholesalers, again shelved, handled, sit around in dusty warehouses, then finally shipped off to retailers, some of whome may actually open the box and take the rifle out but not always. By the time the buyer gets the rifle, it has been bumped, rattled, and shaken all over the place inside that dusty box with that same coating of oil on it. Yes, they look a bit dusty when you open the box. No big deal. Wipe it down, clean it, punch the bore, inspect it, fondle it, get acquainted with it.
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