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That's a very clean, professional looking stable of warhorses you have there, Deaf.

Yeah, one thing I don't like about the NAA mini is the grip. It really needs one of those folding black plastic belt clip grips to work. I like how small it is but it really seems like the kind of thing suited for workout clothes, beach wear, or a hooker's undergarments. And since I'm not planning on wearing a teddy and working a red light anytime soon, I guess it'll just get used when I'm traveling super light, as a last ditch gun, or give it to a girl as an anti-rape headshot gun.

Thank you for the trigger recommend. I still might be able to get a Glock 27 tomorrow so it'll be something for me to remember. How is it hard to conceal during summer? Is it the lack of summer friendly holsters, the thicker slide, weight or something else?

I like the older Western style look of the Security/Speed Sixes but the GP100 may be the way to go since it seems easier to find one in a 3" barrel.


1) How hard is it to conceal a 686-4 Plus with a 3" barrel?
2) My Chiapp Rhino 200DS has a 2" barrel. I don't know if it was designed to shoot mostly .357s or not but is there any real power increase with a 3" barrel vs. a 2" barrel?
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