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Hunters aren't necessarily shooters and shooters aren't necessarily hunters. People that buy that one gun for home defense are most often neither. The hunter who is not a shooter has been the topic of criticism by the 2A folks on the forums. But I say, different strokes for different folks. We are all in this together.

I started out a shooter who shot for fun and as a precourser to hunting. I didn't punch holes in paper at 200 yds unless it was in preparation for hunting. Shooting was expensive and there had to be a reason for doing it except for 22's. Those are cheap fantastic plinkers.

As I got older, I hunted less and shot more, but the shooting became episodic. I'd shoot a lot for a few years and then very little for a while. Go back to shooting and it was really amazing how well you do very quickly. So I am not one of these people who say you have to shoot every week to retain reasonable skills. But certainly those skills are nothing like the ones developed by people who try to improve and shoot frequently.
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