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during my younger years I was not a gun guy, I was a hunter though. I knew that my rifle was a 243 and my best friend that always hunted with me shot a 30-30, neither of us knew or really cared about what make and model our guns were. he was content knowing it was his dads gun and I was happy to know that mine also belonged to my dad before I inherited it.

many years later, while I was on watch onboard the USS George H W Bush, I realized that I had been active duty for over a year and had yet to touch a single firearm in the line of duty(i never got a chance to go to live fire exorcises in boot camp due to illness and only dealt with dummy guns) so for some reason I decided I wanted an AR15 since the navy wouldn't give me one. I looked at the only company I knew of that made them, Colt of course, and called my brother with instructions to get $1,400 out of my bank account and get me a Colt AR15(I dont even remember the model I was looking at but it was very highly recommended). he laughed at me and told me to wait for a couple months and we would talk about it while I was on leave and sure enough, we went hunting and he brought his DPMS AR15 and after shooting it I was quite surprised to learn that it cost him less than half of what I was about to pay for that Colt. he built me a custom AR15 over the course of the winter for under $1,000 and all the research I did on parts for it carried over into a hobby that turned me into a "gun guy"

don't get me wrong I'm still a "hunting guy"...I just like guns too.
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