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I do think we are in agreement on the basic premise of this thread. Heck. I probably use my FCDs more than I need to but so far I havent found a reason not to. Thats one of the things I like about the LCT, that 4th station makes it as easy to use one as not.
Yea it's all good. I probably use them in every pistol caliber out of laziness. I like to use the post sizing ring as a case gauge. If a round gets post sized it gets set to the side, if not it goes in the ammo box. This way I don't have to sit there and case gauge my ammo after I'm done loading because I know everything is in spec. I have been lucky and only had two rounds get post sized five years ago. I have never had a malfunction at a match or plinking. Now if I could just shoot better at the matches I would be set. I also love my LCT press.
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