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I shoot fast target acquisition drills at less than 20 meters. I do it for fun and to stay proficient with my rifles. This is the same drills I was taught when learning with the AR. I shoot both my CMMG .22 and my M&P15 or DD for practice. I am not in the service any longer, nor am I preparing for the end of the world. I don't shoot these for practice for HD situations. I shoot them because I like to shoot. For someone to tell me that the AR in.22 isn't a good practice tool or training tool, needs to realize that not everyone shoots the same as hem or even for the same reasons.

The CMMG .22 is identical to my 5.56 AR's and offer quite an advantage for me when shooting. Mainly the cost of ammo.

I know it is the Internet, but I have yet to understand why some are just down right mean about things they do not lie but others might enjoy or find beneficial. If this is the attitude to other shooters, this is sad. We all shoot different firearms in different calibers. I let my nephew use my CMMG for squirrel hunting. I shoot my 50 BMG at targets, but have a friend that uses his for prairie dog hunting. My point is be nice,people have many different opinions and that is all they are.... None are fact, they are opinions.....
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