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Originally Posted by chickenmcnasty
They seem pretty nice. They also have a 50 cal pedersoli kentucky on sale for $450. So im not sure how that compares.
I'm not sure where you've seen that price.
Dixie has the Pedersoli .50 Kentucky listed on sale for $625.
Cabela's has it listed on sale for $549.99.
And Cherry's Fine Guns has it listed for $620.
Dixie has the Kentucky kit on sale for $495 that's a skill level 1 kit rifle that needs to be assembled and finished.

That's a very fine gun. It has a 1 in 48" with double triggers, fixed sights and can also shoot conicals.

Dixie lists the Traditions .50 Kentucky rifle for $359.
It's a very accurate round ball shooter with a 1 in 66" barrel, fixed sights and an old fashion single trigger.

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