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Crusty- there is no problem with your FCDs. As there are no problems with all my other FCDs. However, you DID say I was wrong (see your previous post), but thats fine, I am a big boy (plus I like your posts so I will let it go!) but the fact is, Lee ships FCDs of various diameters.
If you could point it out to me I would appreciate it.

He is not talking about the crimp, he is trying to imply that the post sizing ring will squish the bullet deforming it. In my experience he is still wrong. I have never had one of my cast bullets get post sized in a FCD.
This post was directed at the commercial caster in the original post not you. Sorry if you thought it was directed at you. Then in my next post I agreed that the FCD is not for every situation like the one you posted and it seems that a lot of the 40 S&W FCD's seem to have problems. Also somebody needing oversived bullets shouldn't use one. I'm sure there are many more reasons.

To the OPs question, yes, you can use an FCD with cast bullets, but be aware, not all FCDs are created the same, and the one you have could contact the case and perhaps even slightly swage the bullet.
That is my point. The FCD can be used with cast bullets. For the quote in the OP that says never use the FCD with cast bullets, I have to disagree with that, and it looks like you do also.
I don't ever remember being absent minded.
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