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you aint gonna believe this!!!!

Well ,earlier in this thread I was saying my action was so hard I couldnt get the scope mount holes drilled , I spent a little extra on some cobalt bits and made my own spot annealer . After getting this chore done I spent the better part of a month polishing and bluing all parts of the action , then I found a nice stock and packed it up to be sent to a manufacturer that offers a rebarreling service . I had a heck of a time getting those scope holes drilled but guess what ? The action failed a rockwell test "unbelievable" aparently they were sort of case hardened just on the surface . They called and said they couldnt barrel the action , it needed to be 20 rockwell but only tested 14 . this was for liability reasons but was told that it would most likely be fine but they couldnt do it . This thing fired countless rounds in war ,should be ok right? its a k98 large ring mauser , all matching numberd parts made br JP Sauer and sons 1940 . What do you folks think?
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