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Crusty- there is no problem with your FCDs. As there are no problems with all my other FCDs. However, you DID say I was wrong (see your previous post), but thats fine, I am a big boy (plus I like your posts so I will let it go!) but the fact is, Lee ships FCDs of various diameters. It took me a while to realize that mine is tight.

I went back to the original thread that caused me to measure my FCD and I see that you were a part of the discussion. Maybe you remember it? As discussed there, my FCD measures .4715", which of course could not accept a .452" bullet in a .010" wall case without swaging it. We can agree on that of course.

To the OPs question, yes, you can use an FCD with cast bullets, but be aware, not all FCDs are created the same, and the one you have could contact the case and perhaps even slightly swage the bullet.

If there is any disagreement with the above, lets discuss. There is more than enough FCD disinformation out there and at least on this forum we should be able to keep things straight amongst ourselves, agreed?
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