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How could your experience possibly prove that I am wrong?
I didn't say you were wrong. I said from my experience to say nobody should use a FCD with cast bullets is wrong. I have measured my cast bullets, they all size at .452. I seated some with no powder or primer in mixed brass. I seated the bullets and ran them into the FCD with the crimp stem backed out so it wouldn't be an issue. I felt no resistance going in or out of the FCD. I pulled all of the bullets and they all still measured .452. So tell me where is the problem with my FCD? I know many people with the same experience as myself.

Perhaps rather than doubt me in the future you might consider that I do not make statements unless I have the facts to back them up. I extend this courtesy to you already.
I was never talking about you I was talking about the bullet caster being quoted in the original post. Trust me it's not all about you unless you are the bullet caster being quoted in the original post. If you are the you are wrong.
I don't ever remember being absent minded.

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