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Couple yugo sks issues I had.

After hours of cleaning cosmoline I was ready to test out my sks. I loaded up 5rounds and pulled the trigger it fired but did not cycle. I checked grenade launch select It was off. After some research I found that it was loosing gas pressure at front of gas tube. I made a copper gasket and it started cycling perfectly. I loaded up 10 rounds and after a couple rounds it went full auto. It's kinda funny now but at the moment it wasn't. After inspecting the rifle I found that the firing pin was stuck forward. That of course is extremely dangerous. You could release the bolt and it would runaway without ever pulling the trigger. I found that the firing pin is free floating and tapered at the front. Due to wear and the inside of the bolt being extremely dirty the firing pin had wedged forward. I cleaned it and polished till I could feel the firing pin shake back and forth in the bolt. I still check it every time I take it out. I've also heard there is a spring type design to fix that issue that I intend to look into. I know now to check out used guns thoroughly before assuming they are safe. Any fix for the firing pin issue would be appreciated.
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