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In my experience he is still wrong. I have never had one of my cast bullets get post sized in a FCD.
How could your experience possibly prove that I am wrong? Care to see the pics of the pulled bullets vs stock bullets, the inside mic measurements of my particular FCD, or any of the of the other particulars? It is great that you have never had one of your cast bullets post sized in an FCD, neither have I on any of my other calibers. This particular FCD, however, is tighter than most others, and does post size .452" bullets when they are seated in all but R&P cases.

Here is a pic of an assembled cartridge (note the sharpie mark rubbed off by the post sizing ring). In the middle is a fresh bullet, on the bottom is a pulled bullet, showing the swaged portion (the swage extends to the base of the bullet. Crimp is .470" max.

Perhaps rather than doubt me in the future you might consider that I do not make statements unless I have the facts to back them up. I extend this courtesy to you already.
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