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Soo much stupidity in this thread. There is NO REASON what so ever to buy a Ar-22 other than for coolness factor/fun factor. No, it is not realistic to military training, or as a cheaper training alternative. Let me deal with this first, and then move on to the what people call training part second.

Let me get this straight. Your looking for a cheap training gun alternative so you look into smaller calibers? The ruger 10/22 is not "realistic enough" for "training" because it has a different shape so its not enough and people need a AR-22 model to "train". Have you forgotten that it is a .22, the bullet is a fraction of the size, weight, and velocity of the full AR in 5.56. You need the gun to be semi auto to be realistic to the real thing, yet you choose one where recoil doesn't exist? You claim its an alternative because the components are the same I guess in some models. Well, newsflash, you can just use your ar to practice breakdowns/malfunctions at the range with 1 single dummy round. When your shooting it, sights and recoil are the only thing that you deal with. They both need to be the same in a PAIR to be realistic, as recoil has a massive effect on your aim.

To put in another perspective, its like saying you got your kid a powerwheels electric vehicle in the nascar model, because hes training to become a nascar driver. In no way, shape, or form do the 2 correlate, regardless to whether or not the stickers are the same.

Now the whole "training" aspect. If you claim you need an ar for home defense, or for self protection, you need professional help. RUN AND GUNS ARE NOT TRAINING, NOR ARE THEY ANYTHING RELATED. In a tactical situation there will not be multiple men, standing out in the middle of the open, and they all won't just let you run around and shoot at them without returning fire. If you go up against 5 men with BOLT ACTIONS, and you think none of them will get a shot off at you YOU ARE WRONG. In 90% of any circumstance in a non shtf situation, if someone is breaking into your house they will probably be alone, or in a pair. You will not tote around your ar15 and go shoot them, if you wake up, you will likely be woken to their noise and grab your semi auto pistol if you have one (if not you shouldn't waste your money on an ar before you get one) and if you see them and they move to point their guns at you you will likely do this: Raise your weapon, point it in the general direction, and pull the trigger as fast as you can. No training at the range is even simulation to being in a life or death situation. Most people will forget their training that they have done once or twice and do that. Most people who own guns for protection and protection alone shoot them 1 time a year if even, and nothing training related.

If you have a pistol, you go to the range and practice on a monthly basis at least, practice drawing and retrieving from a box or flat surface, practice quick alignment, acquisition, and aim points, you will be training basically as much and as practically as you can for an intruder.

If your intruder is big enough where he came with multiple people, most likely 3 or more, and they all have semi autos (if they are that serious to bring the people they won't be carrying bolt action cricket "my first rifles") and you will be shot before you can subdue them unless you have military training for such. Even then, ask someone with specialized military training and they will say you are most likely dead.

In an shtf situation, if someone hostile sees you they will most likely seek cover before they shoot and if you are not tracking them they would be tracking you. They would have the jump, you would be screwed. They aren't going to try to shoot you while you are in a hut or behind cover. If you see someone, and if you are a logical human, you would not track them down, shoot them, and pillage them. If you would, you shouldn't be buying guns as you are a threat to society if that is your mindset. And even if you did, you wouldn't need an ar, a standard hunting rifle would do.

If you do seek tactical training, and go to a place that offers it, I believe most would laugh at you if you tried to use a .22 ar. People worry that a 5.56x45 isn't enough to kill a human, so what do you think they would think about a .22.

If you are getting adequate training for military or private contractor purposes, you need to use the rifle you will use in combat, and if you have the money to pay for the hundreds of hours of course training, either you have the cash to cover it or most likely the course will cover the ammunition. If you don't have the cash to take the course, you shouldn't as there's no reason to get tactical training if you cannot pay for rent, food, and heat.

In the marksman skills level, shooting any gun will help your skills. And that is true, if you are shooting a .22 short or a bb gun it will help your skills. But don't tote a .22 or any gun and try to act like you are training for combat. Your not, your having fun and becoming a better shot. A military base is where you learn to act in a combat situation. I don't want people acting like they are training at the range, I don't want to get shot because they fire during their draw, or because they do something stupid.

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