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[QUOTE] The weaknesses of the certification process should seem equally obvious. One brief class cannot possibly give you enough information or experience to become a good instructor on your own. A short weekend (or even a long one) cannot and does not give you the tools you need to develop your own material from sources you yourself understand thoroughly. This is true no matter who offers that piece of paper, and no matter which school or franchise backs it up, or how many years they’ve been doing it. Within such a limited time and constrained format, one class simply cannot provide enough breadth and depth to make those things happen. [QUOTE]

I don't have answers, but do have an "Amen" for your observation.

We have a few NRA Trainers in my state who actively solicit students with a promise that they can become NRA-Certified Instructors in a single weekend. And in our state, that's all that's required to teach Concealed Handgun Permit classes (meaning you are supposed to have a solid understanding of lethal force statutes, along with the requisite shooting/teaching expertise).

The "problem" is that these instructors walk out of their weekend sessions convinced that they have just been evaluated and deemed fully qualified. I'm sure some are qualified. But I'm pretty sure many are not.

In my state there is no "apprenticeship" program whereby "new" instructors teach under the guidance of "experienced" instructors. This results in an amazing spectrum of conflicting information being taught.

On the other hand, some states require zero training for open or concealed carry. So maybe we don't have it so bad after all.
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