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How big a part of your hunt is the actual shooting?
All in all, the shot is generally anti-climatic and in case of deer and turkeys, probably the end of the hunt. Very few times in my life during a legitimate hunting scenario did shooting play a major factor. With pheasants/grouse and woodcock the majority of the time is spent of watching the dog work and being ready. Shots, even on the best of days total up to only a few minutes of the total experience. Other small game such as squirrels and rabbits is much of the same. During the 9 day gun deer season, the one or two shots needed to fill a tag, will only take a few seconds. Even after a Tom is down or a deer falls to a good shot, I very seldom remember taking the shot. I remember everything leading up to it, and many times what follows till I tag my prize, but the shot itself is soon forgotten. Now some may say that the hunt is just a prelude to the shot, which makes or breaks the whole season. Not me. I enjoy the hunt and I enjoy shooting. That's why I spend so much time at the range puttin' bullets downrange. 'Cause very little shooting gets done on a actual hunt.

My Dad and Grandpa taught me how to hunt deer. They loved to deer hunt and spent the whole deer season in the woods and the rest of the year, they prepared and waited for it. But neither one of them did any target shooting other than to make sure the deer rifle was still sighted in. A box of shells lasted them several years. Their rifles only came outta the closet right before season and went back in the closet the day after. Both being vets of World Wars, maybe they had enough time behind the sights. Maybe since they both lived thru the depression that the thought of wasting bullets on paper was folly. I dunno, but I know I have made up for what they missed out on.......
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