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The MG 95gr JHP does sound interesting though. I will say I am curious about the choice of Unique in a .380 cartridge. Is this a compressed load? Unique seems so fluffy, and I know with HP38/N320 I am almost at the bullet as it is.

Also, do you have to charge them by hand, or can you keep the powder in the case on a progressive? (I use an LCT)
My loads with Unique are not compressed, but the powder definitely fills the case. The Blue Dot loads are compressed.

I develop new loads on a single-stage press (or manual turret press), using hand-trickled powder charges.
But, once a new load is established, I crank the load out on my Dillon 550B in lots of 300-500 rounds. The Dillon slide-bar measures deal with flake powders quite well, with minimal charge weight deviation (generally less than +/-0.1 gr). Other measures (such as the RCBS Uniflow) don't get along with flake powders quite so well, but might be good enough for the job.

As long as you aren't slamming things around, I don't think you should have a problem with powder flying out of the cases on a progressive press or turret.
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