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I use the Lee fcd with cast bullets for my 9 millimeter , Ruger sr9c with a 3.5 inch barrel . I'm using 4.3 grains, with a 115 grain bullet and a 1.115 to 1.120 oal. my flair the mouth of the case enough to not cause shaving when the bullet is seated.I crimp it enough where I get a mild ledge or impression in the cast bullet. Last Monday , I was able to hit 8 out of 10 rounds on a small paper plates at 25 yards . One hit the edge of the plate and the rest group within 4 inches . Luck on my part but you can't argue with the accuracy . At one point , I was concerned about the cast seams affecting the accuracy . I think that all these factors may play a minimal part . if you get the right combination of oal, grains, crimp ,case mouth flair , gun and Gun user the crimp die is a small factor .
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