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The Wifle: The Wife-Rifle

So, I have a wife who is a beginning shooter and enthusiast. She is fairly small and weighs about 110, and has broken her wrist/hand numerous times. It took us a while to find a centerfire pistol she was comfortable racking the slide on, but a PPQ fit the bill for her well, and she now eats up the boxes of 9mm in any given shooting session.

I've had her handle many rifles (including airsoft guns), and she has always complained about the weight. I've had her handle 20 gauges, and she doesn't like the form-factor (size and weight) and the aggressive "pump" that you have to do to operate the action. She is left handed, so that could present a problem with bolt guns. She is recoil and blast adverse, so larger calibers are out. Mid-sized calibers are probably fine, pistol caliber is likely ideal. Another feature that would be nice would be a cheap caliber, so plinking. It will never be used for hunting, but could flex into home-defense. Ideally, it would weigh 6 pounds or less (hopefully, closer to 4 lbs).

I've got a .22 LR 10-22 that's mine that she can shoot .22 LR with, but I'd like to find a centerfire gun that would work well for her so it can flex into that home-defense role, if needed.
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