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Snuffy, that's some really clean and shiny brass. Looks about like mine does. Can you spell OCD? Are you getting similar results on the insides and primer pockets? I would think so, please confirm this is you would.

Though I can't get a good pic of the inside of these .223 cases, it shines like the outside does. The pink tub on the right holds those yet to be processed. With what I consider minimal effort on my part, I get cases as clean as I can get them unless I buy them new. I am quite satisfied with the results I'm getting. For me, this was a good investment in reloading equipment.

Guys, if you're going to make a home version of this tumbler, remember that a standard 5 gallon bucket is tapered and will not roll evenly. You may need to consider having different size rollers or some other means of compensation.
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