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This Popular Science article continues the wolf anti-hunting message they are "popular" for. Granted they do make a few valid points from a wildlife management point of view. For example, the predation on deer and caribou by animals like wolves are extremely important for the health of the herd. Human hunters just aren't selective in the same way, sometimes doing the opposite and taking the most healthy and largest animals instead.

Then again, wolves are pretty elusive and difficult. Most areas where wolves were extirpated was from extensive trapping - not shooting as the article implies. Like attempts to manage coyote populations have taught us, the much more limited shooting of wolves is made up through compensatory mechanisms. They need a lot of room, and vacancies affect reproduction & survival rate.

While I doubt hunting wolves with guns does much to manage their population, it's the choice of hunters when permitted to do so. Personally I don't hunt anything I can't eat, but I harbor no ill feelings against anyone who hunts for other reasons.
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