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Oh heck no ShootingNut, I have no where near the skills for that! Seated, wrist supported on a small bag. I got one 5-shot group down to 1.5" but usually 1.75" is the best I can do. Needless to say I am very happy with both the SR1911 and that particular load (200gr hardcast SWC bullets are from

I was going to grind out the FCD or get another one to see if was a tad bigger but I just dont have the heart to mess with that setup. It requires a bit of force going into and out of the FCD (nothing really hard, about what a bulge buster would feel like).

One more thing that I like to mention when this topic comes up- this .0005"-.001" swaging happens with every headstamp I use except R&P (Win, FC, PMC, Blazer all do it). Cartridges using R&P brass slide into and out of the FCD without any post sizing at all. Just one more indication that those who feel like R&P brass is thinner than most other brass (at least in .45acp) are correct.
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