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870 Wingmaster Problems?

I have my dad's 870 Wingmaster 12 gauge (2 3/4" only) that was made in '78, it has a 28" barrel for hunting and he bought an 18" barrel for home defense, so I was going to use it for both. He just recently gave it to me because my Mossberg 500 was stolen.

I've shot a couple hundred rounds through it and it seems to be in excellent condition, except for the fact that when I deliberately pump the slide very, very slowly (but still fluid motion) it fails to eject the shell. It tries to pop out but seems to not have enough force.

Should I not trust this gun for home defense? What if I'm injured or something and can't pump it very well? (Although it rarely does it even when I'm trying to make it) Or am I just being overly paranoid and should just not wrack it slowly? I only did it to see if it would jam.
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