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No wolves here. The coyotes have gotten a lot bigger lately however.
Same here in Ohio [B]highbrow[B] .

The coyote situation is a good example of not maintaining control of a sub-human predator species. Our area has a coyote and fox problem. Not enough trapping/hunting for them to keep them under control. This situation didn't take place overnight. It came to pass over several years of no trapping/hunting due to very little bounty on pelts.
ODNR really didn't pay any attention to the growing problem when the farmers and people that lived in the country were telling them the yote problem is getting out of hand. When the yotes started showing up in the suburbs and more populated areas chewing on Mr. Jones poodle, ODNR started taking notice of the situation. There are a lot of public opinion that ODNR didn't try to address the problem in the earlier stages.

Don't know for sure, but didn't Fla. Game and Fish play down the anaconda situation at first as well???

I've not studied the breeding/reproductive cycle of the wolf but if it somewhat mirrors that of yotes/fox, then I can surely see the need for different pro-active strategies to keep the wolf population in check.

It's bad enough to wait till yotes show up to play with the neighborhood kiddies....wolves may be a different story.
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