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i dont see why everyone is hating on your plan so much,., especially after your explanation of why your doing it. if its what you like to do that much then why not do it., also i think it would be great to see the wear and tear over time. i for one would be interested in seeing how the guns hold up over this shooting period and seeing how grouping holds up, not sure why other people wouldnt be as interested or more supportive especially if your family doesnt mind you doing it

also you said your going to use multiple firearms how many guns is the 128k going to be split up over?
no idea i was going to keep a log. I mainly plan on using handguns since i belong to a pistol only range but i have 100+ rifles and 30+ handguns with 4 more joining the collection on christmas. I figure the most commonly shot will be a cz 75 a cz 97bd a hammerli p240 my christensen 1911 and to a lesser extent some others. for 22lr shooting i have a s&w model 41 and a clot woodsman match extra and some others like a mark 3 and a pre woodsman.

lots of choices and it i get bored ill get something new. or if i just want to burn thru the goal i can use the ar with the slide fire stock and just blaze thru 30 round mags.

i plan on every day being fun and enjoyable. and even if i skip a day due to range activity i can make it up fairly quick i think.
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