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All the other bullets that have been mentioned here besides Core-Lokts cost more than Federal Fusion ammo. Since bonded is better than non-bonded in all instances, I guess I will soldier on.
Here's an instance in which a non-bonded bullet is better than a bonded bullet:

A deer facing you, or worse coming down the trail to you, at 50 yards or less. Either bullet will kill the deer. A 150gr soft point cup-and-core bullet at .270 WIN velocities will penetrate the chest about 3-5 inches and disintegrate before it gets to the diaphram. A bonded bullet, or one of these GMX/all Copper/Partition bullets will make field dressing that animal a crappy affair, opening up the guts in multiple places, and probably the bladder as well ..... YOU go ahead and spread that stuff all through YOUR animal if you want to ..... I won't.
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