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That strikes me as a lot of thinking and evaluating, which takes precious time under such conditions. I am not as gracious as pax. I am looking to get myself out of there, or in hiding, just as quickly as I can. I like the thought of getting in ones car and making tracks.
Pax's first three points agreed with your plan. There is nothing ungracious about putting a higher priority on one's loved ones than strangers, and that includes caring enough about your loved ones not to want to grieve them with your own death.

Pax brings up something that I was also thinking about: We talk about taking steps to be sure that we are not misidentified as the BG, but those who talk about going after the shooter don't bring up the possibility of misidentifying an undercover or off-duty LEO or another CCW person as the shooter. While some might excuse such an error, it is not one I would want on my conscience. Like Ms. Kathy, I would have to be certain.
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