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I'm not good at elaborating on things.
I've had some training in military, etc. Thing is, no matter what scenario we run through our minds, it most likely won't go as we envision it. In a place like that, trouble can start behind you, across from you, down the mall, etc.
Most of us know to duck down, freeze and try to ID the threat. Blindly running could get you killed fast. Training kicks in, but never seems to fit the reality of what's happening. There is no such thing as thinking "I'll get the drop" and it happen. Nor may I be able to herd people to a true zone of safety, not knowing how many are involved or where they may all be. An exit may be blocked.

Plans tick through your mind in nanoseconds and you may go from Plan A to Plan N,of even T-5 in less than 3 seconds. A miss 300 feet away could take you out before you even know where the shots came from. Vigilance is the first line of defense.
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