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The military's on the edge of being scrapped...
Thanks for the view from Mars

Hey, it is your location choice......

There are always some unhappy troops. But weapons choices are not made by voting corporals. So, yes, the M9 pistol and the M16 rifle plus M4 carbine will stay in US inventory for a long time.

But innovation is not dead. Look at the US Marine Corps. They have put into service, into combat, a revolving 40mm grenade launcher and a new automatic rifle (the M27 Individual Automatic Rifle) to move the M249 squad automatic weapon (SAW) out of the rifle squads.

And more important, the IAR has only a 2-digit model number! It is insanity to have 3- and 4-digit models of anything! I mean, isn't the HUMVEE the M1114 or something?

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