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Ooops I hadn't finished.

He did say he thought it took a little too many adjustment clicks one direction (either up/down or right/left) he said I was pretty close to perfectly on the bullseye, would need to perfect it on the paper, but I only had 7 or so clicks left (which left me wondering, if I have 1/8 MOA clicks, that means, 7 clicks , i only have what, like an Inch of adjusting left @ 100 yds or so? Hope I get it on target properly lol.

Other than that I'm pretty happy. Turns out it wasnt the scope in the first place it was most likely my hardware or skilled gunsmiths work... And i WOund up getting a lot of discounts and therefore gift cards to boot plus the extra discounted aka free new mount and new rings... and they are High rings which was better for the 44mm scope, better for me and my body and shouldering/sighting... and better for clearance of the bolt and with the Flip Up cover caps now on i can use them with the bolt before I could not, the bolt caught the flip up cover caps.

SO I am pretty happy. I got 180 rounds of .308 Win with the $190ish in gift cards I had been given earlier for my troubles (5 boxes of Hornady Zombie Max I68 Grain Z-Max bullet .308 Win [32.99 but MidwayUSA has it for $26.99 lool] and one box of American Eagle 150 gr .308 to round it out.. then I realized I could not afford ny more ammo but bought more cleaning suppliesl cost me 44 out of pocket but Oh Well. Lol.]

I am happy... I got the sniper rifle fairly set up and ready to snipe ... Ready to be shot and broken in and sighted in more truthfully but ready nonetheless...

NIKON MONARCH for the win .. .DICKS for the Win as well.
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