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*FINALLY* At long last the scope came in yesterday and i went in today. I had been calling last week Thurs and Fri for updates, Monday, tuesday, tuesday was told it was coming Wednesday, Wednesday (yesterday) i was told *OH YEAH It just came in 5 mins ago* (at like 5pm) and so tolday I went in.

And while I was dismayed the kid opened the box (I mean, I kind of wanted to see it sealed up and witness it being all perfect and pristine etc.) he had a valid point, he needed to check it to make sure it was acceptable etc. He proceeds to mount it up and get the boresighter out and says ,Dude, same problem, take alook. This boresighter is this device which goes in the bore, and has a big window which projects a large graph like graph paper from school, with a crosshair in the middle. AGAIN we are *WAY OFF* with no more adjustments left. We both say, THIS SUCKS, but wait, it* can't * be two scopes in a row same exact problem. He asks about the mount and rings and I told him what he already knew: They were both high quality parts from Leupold, installed by a gunsmith. I did point out the LGS Gunsmith was pretty old (grandfather age) and who knows his actual training, experience, skill etc. ALSO I did point out, when I asked him to do it, it was cause NICS was taking a while, and I had some time, he said sure. As soon as he went to get started (He hd sid, I'm bordd so it will be fun to take up time) a million people started asking him for help and opinions and side jobs (They basically saw me ask him for help and started wth OH SINCE YOURE DOING HIS CAN YO DO MY GLOCK SIGHTS / CAN YOU BORESIGHT MY .22 ? CAN YOU CLEAN MY AR / ETC>) So he might have rushed thru or even fouled up while ding it.

So the kid searches high and low for a new mount, they had a large rack of different size and shape and brand RINGS for scopes and quite a bit of larger Weaver branded rails for wierd rifles (Weatherby magnums and Howas And browning ABolt/Xbolt/BLR and Sako/Tikka Superdooperalleyooper hunters) but not a darned Rem 700 .. I was so PO'd I stood there going thru every pievce on the racks shelf hand by hnd piece pievce and I found two miniature rails designed to be Rem 700 FRONT mount rails (I dont know if you CAN but I intended to use two front mounts for the rifle)... When I came into the back room it had it all installed... Basically I believe what he did was took a brand new 700 combo package from the box, unmount the scope it came with, cannibalized the mount it came with by removing it, and then gave me the mount and rails to mount on my Rem 700. We then took some high quality Large rings from their selection that mounted correctly, tried it out on my rifle w new mount and the scope, and Presto Chango Fly Slamma Jamma - we had liftoff.

We then proceeded as normal, he tried out the scope mount, adjusted a little for me and my preferences, boresighted/ adjusted /tightened it down and then we wre gravy baby!
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