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Well 4v50 I was not so much questioning rather the Gatling existed during the civil war as much as lamenting the Iconic Gatlings used in battle did not exist such as the Wonderful Tripod mount or the the one sporting that Broadwell drum.. All perfect iconic Gatling gun images that will take a few years to come to be..

But watch out believing that Gatling guns were used to defend the New York times during the 1863 Draft riots.. The only real "proof" that Henry Raymond & Leonard Jerome were manning Gatlings in defense of The Times comes from the Times editorials warning the rioters not to mess with them. (And it did seem to work).

There are just to many holes in the facts to accept this..

But then if its not true, you have to accept the most unbelievable part,that the New York Times editorials tells fibs.....

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