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Being the range officer on a range where MP's were there to qualify makes you hope that most of them never never never ever have to draw their weapon. Being an instructor for our local Sheriff and police departments I have seen very few gun guys and they did very well but most were in the MP class and needed a lot of work.

I heard many amusing things on the line, its a lot better at matches when hopefully the young shooters listen to the old shooters but back at the shop the stories I hear from my mates and the wonderful shooting they can do made me wonder why they weren't on the team and winning all the matches. I ask them to go to the range with me and demonstrate but they always have an excuse. That doesn't stop them from sharing their expertise and experiences.

Did you know if you want to shoot somebody with a 45 ACP you have to be up on an elevation and shoot downwards so gravity can speed up the bullet in order to make hits beyond 25 yards. I did not know that.
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