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Build one. If you can push two pins together you can put an AR together from an upper and lower reciever, and avoid the 11% tariff.

Also, Quentin2, you need to read up on Windham. They are more like the ORIGINAL bushmaster not the Ilion, NY crap that Remarlington puts out now.
The Original Bushmaster rivaled Colt quality up until Remington ruined them.

They shuttered the factory in Windham ME, layed off employees by moving production to the Ilion NY complex, and sold the rest back to the founder of Bushmaster. After 5 years of non-compete clause wore off, the founder of WW restarted the plant with some of the original workers, and started building Colt-Quality ARs again at affordable price. Look at a WW SRC and compare it to a Colt LE6920. you can do that at most Walmarts in the Southern US. Fit and Finish on the Windham is comparable to the Colt in every way except rate of twist (1/7 twist isn't good for 55 grain bulk ammo)

Also, read up on who makes Colts lower recievers. A commercial tube is on 90% of the consumer ARs on the market including DPMS, Del-Ton, Doublestar and others. Just order a $30 UTG stock kit with the mil-spec tube and move on. That has no bearing on the quality of the rifle IMEO
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