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I've been shooting and reloading lot of years and I've gone in cycles from trap/skeet then over to BR tried little pistol but I always been a hunter and varmint shooter.

I have very little interest in shooting coyote when I'm elk hunting or deer hunting. I have access to couple good ranches for antelope and PD shooting so if I see coyote in range I'll take him.

I've never felt the need that I have to shoot something. This year I had 2 elk tags,antelope and deer and got pretty nice buck is all. PD shooting is pretty slow here with the drought learn some years are like that.

I kind of got spoil living up northern Co could step out front door shoot geese/ducks about 1/2 mile south had pheasants. My wife work for HP and they had gun club and lease some land out east so had place to hunt doves.

Wife and I are getting pretty serious about archery hunting so be doing more of that which may include turkeys this coming year.

I think between fishing/hunting we spend almost 3mos camping.
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