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50 or 54

I bought my .50 CVA plainsman over 30 years ago.
I have used it for rabbits, when I needed to keep my expertise up (aim small miss small or not at all)
And on Antelope (got to be sneaky) Mule Deer out on the open plains of Wyoming.
And I had one very good shot at an elk less than 100yds.
The deer for most part didn't take more than a couple steps before they dropped.
The elk walked off couple hundred yards and stopped. 2nd shot dropped him
So yes the 50 is a good choice.
But like some others I would go with a 54.
Slight more wallop, no big difference in recoil.
My 50 is a 1 in 48 twist. But once sighted in the accuracy is good with both RB and conicals.
Have fun shooting
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