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I would say that just because your one it does not mean your necessarily the other. I for one would have to say I am both. I have hunted here in ny since I turned 12 and for almost twenty years have continued to put in the time and effort to ensure my hunting is successful. However I also served as a 4th echelon armorer in the USMC, and since the day I finished training I have found myself more and more getting into firearms. Everything from target shooting to recently getting into reloading. I have a nice collection of firearms started and intend to get as many as possible as funds allow. Point being, sometimes those who r one may or may not ever get very involved in the other. There is nothing wrong with any choice in this thread, to each there own. What we all need to do is work together and ensure the tools were using continue to be available for our legal needs.
"Si vis pacem, para bellum". If you want peace, Prepare for war!!!!
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