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Still, I’m not getting my hopes up for shall issue CCW. I think it will be very limited. A few hundred permits issued, just to make it look good, then the remaining will be denied.
Mike, I wouldn't give up just yet.

Even if IL ends up with a may issue law, it may end up being effectively shall issue in places such as your county for the reason you say- your own police chief is very much in favor of the RKBA. California is a good example of this- while some places in California have the bar set so high for permit issuance that an average person has no hope of a permit, others set the bar so low that it's basically shall issue... any reason shall suffice. It depends on the sheriff. It isn't an ideal situation, but it's better than what you have now.

Even so, I would suspect that if your pro-CCW legislators dig in and stay on the same page, a shall issue bill is not as difficult to obtain as one might think. Fight the good fight.
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