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While I am still learning, are there different DAO trigger designs? The reason I am asking, my wife's new Taurus PLY-25 came in and we went to pick it up tonight. While reading the manual and learning the pistol, she racked the slide and when she went to releive the trigger (snap caps ordered and on the way), obviously it fired - and when she checked it again to be sure the trigger was fully reset it fired again, and then again. When I dry fire practice (with snap caps) with my Kel Tec P-32 DAO, I have to rack the slide after every trigger pull to reset the trigger. With the PLY-25 it would just fire and fire and fire. Can someone please explain why?
This is not a hammer fired vs. striker fired thing.

The small Kel Tecs are hammer fired pistols. Some are designed so that the normal rest position of the hammer is slightly "pre-cocked". This is also the case in some of the Kel Tec copies|copies|knock-offs|"homages", like the Ruger LCP. Normal cycling of the slide, either from firing or racking the slide, sets the pre-cock. You pulling the trigger pulls the hammer the rest of the way.
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