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Use what works for you I guess?

The only point I'm trying to make is that there is really very few SD or HD situations where a laser will give you some advantage over a good set of night sights and a weapon light. But that same laser can (it doesn't have to) become a hinderance to where you're dependent on it. I have 20/20 vision at 31 (I know, I'm lucky, not trying to rub it in) so I can't comment on how a laser works for those with poor vision, except the little anecdote about my mother-in-law and her love of the XS Big Dot. But beyond that, the only time I thought they were cool was when I was in my middle school and high school years and watch movies where the SWAT team or whatever was using them.

If it works for you, then great. Just don't neglect your iron sights.

EDIT: I'm not commenting on the training usage of a laser. I have a cheap laser I use specifically for dry fire practice. Once I'm done, the laser comes off.
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