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I checked the next to the bottom answer, however the one added later option fit me better also. I cannot take a S&W apart and put it back together blindfolded. I have no problem taking one apart and putting it back together wearing my glasses however.

My last one apart was a New 686-5. My new SSR Gun for our Outlaw IDPA Match, and Steel Challange Match. I worked on the Trigger Pull, then made an appointment with my old friend Ron Power (Power Custom). Ron Chamfered the Chambers, added Ball Loc, did some polishing and fitting, set the cylinder up perfectly, etc.

The end result was another Smith & Wesson Swiss Watch. I have 5 that fit the Swiss Watch description.

I have Three Power Custom "Combat" Revolvers that are marked. Ron has done enough work on my Two IDPA SSR Guns, a 64-3 and 686-5 that they could be marked as Power Custom "Combats" also.

I have no problem with doing a little trigger work, polishing, cleaning, sights, etc. If I need something fixed, or adjusted Ron is only a couple hours up the road. As long as I have a Master Revolver Smith just up the road, I will let him do the Majic on my revolvers.

Ron and his shooting buddy Ben Van Dyke came down to the range last weekend. They got in a range day Friday, then we had a 600 yard Bench Rest Match Saturday, and a 100 thru 800 yard Multi Range F Class Match Sunday. Ron shot up lots of ammunition, and had a good time. He helped me score and pull targets Sunday. Some Great Quality Time. Ron and Ben come down and shoot rifles at the range when Ben is off the road. Ben plays Guitar with his dad Leroy Van Dyke, and other groups, so he stays pretty busy.

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