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The question, I think, is what can/will she shoot?

My wife is not interested in guns but does come to the range with me on occasion ... she always picks my Smith 22a .22LR and uses it very well ... she's tried my 9's, .45s (way too much recoil, she says) ... .38s are about her upper limit, but she really doesn't like them either ... I've pretty much decided that if a .22 is her choice, I'll get her a good one, and in .22Mag, not LR ... a Smith 351PD is a likely suspect ... this won't be for carry (the best I've been able to do so far is get her to tote one of those Kimber 2-shot pepper blasters), but for nightstand use as a compliment to my 1911 ...

If the woman in your life is a gunner, congrats ... if she's not, find a gun she can deal with, find a class to teach her how to use it (home-schooling in this case is, I think, a mistake) and make sure she practices with it and knows how to care for it ...
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