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DAO triggers tend to be be very different from one another. Don't assume that just because a DAO utilizes a hammer to strike the firing pin it has second strike capability. The Ruger LC9 is DAO hammer design, but no second strike capability.
+1; the aforementioned hammer-fired S&W Model 3953, along with all the other 3rd-gen metal-frame S&W DAO pistols, also operates this way.

The trigger of a S&W DAO metal-frame pistol is partially pre-set when the slide is cycled, which yields about 2/3 the trigger pull length and weight of the first-shot DA trigger pull of a traditional DA/SA S&W pistol; however, the DAO models lack second-strike capability, whereas the DA/SA versions have it. The DAO models also have an unusual rounded hammer that can't be hand-cocked, but it projects from the slide when the trigger is pre-set, giving the shooter an obvious tactile indication that the pistol is ready to fire.
I don't recall any DAO pistols other than the Taurus models that have re-strike capability.
The SIG P250 and P290 do. SIG pistols with the DAK trigger have it, as does the HK USP with the DAO or LEM trigger modules; however, both the DAK and LEM triggers have a short-reset feature that allows follow-up shots with a shorter and lighter pull if the shooter does not return the trigger fully forward, so they're arguably not "true DAO".

AFAIK the Walther P99DAO also has second-strike capability, but I've had a hard time verifying this because I understand that this pistol is rare to the point of near nonexistence on the U.S. commercial market, so there's not much info available about it.
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