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It all depends..... Keep in mind how many people who have never been in the military or law enforcement yet claim to be ex military or LEO. Everyone wants the cool factor. Even within the military we use to joke that "bad training was better than no training", it was sarcastic because we knew it wasn't true and yet we did bad training here and there.

Keep in mind the experience of someone who did 3 three year tour could be quite extensive or on the other hand they might never have done much of anything. Even career troops aren't above flights of fantasy but most have been around to have done at least a little bit of everything.

I once knew an Active duty Command Sergeant Major who claimed he'd never been deployed and had never spent a night in the field... CSM's don't get to that position without at least 12 years of experience and usually a lot more years. The point being experience is very individual...

Myself and some of my friends use to joke that you could always tell who had never been in any sort of serious stuff... You could tell because they were looking forward to going into the serious stuff. Most experienced troops wont complain about high risk situations but they generally aren't all excited about it either.

I guess in the end the advise is worth what you generally paid for it....
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