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[QUOTE]Try hunting in a place for bucks and you have one opportunity the entire season if you're lucky.... [B]do you expect a hunter to pass on a shot with a 357 mag at 65 yds? Hence, I suggest a little more gun.

Yep! If the hunter has not practiced and cannot hit consistently at 65yds., I would expect them to pass on the shot.

From hunting with a bow to a high powered rifle, it's the hunters responsibility to know the limitations of the choice of weapon AND just as important, his/her limitations with that weapon.

If I'm hunting with a rifle capable of a 400' killing shot but I've only shot this rifle at 100', therefore not knowing where it hits at 200', it doesn't matter if the next world record buck walks out at 200' s, I should/would not shoot. If I did, I need to classify myself in the 'slob' hunter category and should not be in the field.

Again, learning and staying within my limitations with whatever choice of weapon should not be done afield but at the range.
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